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Mer calme


A unique place on volcanic rocks

Located in the southwestern part of the Korean Peninsula, Wando is one of the country's leading producer of marine products. More than half of the national seaweed production is produced there (this number rises to 70% for dashima seaweed), and 80% of abalone produced in Korea are produced in Wando.

Composed of 256 large and small islands, Wando benefits from a warm climate of a preserved marine space, favored by the excellent purification capacity conferred by the marine afforestation, and the intertidal zone. It is in this clean water that seaweed and seafood develop their unique taste, drawn from the 'maekbandeok' stone, found in the seabed of the region.

The work of the sea

Naturally rich in fiber, beta-carotene, iron, calcium and proteins, seaweeds are known to reduce cardiovascular and breast cancer risks, limit obesity and strengthen the immune system.

A solution to global warming

Cultivation of seaweed does not require any external input of water or fertilizer. It captures CO2 and does not disturb neighboring crops. On the contrary, the culture of seaweed is conducive to a form of "marine permaculture", with the joint breeding of abalone, fish, etc.


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Seaweed and black garlic

Ormeaux in fall



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