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Badasoop (Songwon Food) was born from the conviction and perseverance
of Song Cheol-soo, certified Seosan's city master of gamtae.

It's the first Korean company to receive HACCP certification for its gamtae manufacturing facilities.
Badasoop has been producing and distributing the best grilled gamtae for 30 years.

How to harvest and prepare the Gamtae?

1. Harvest Gamtae by hand in a mudflat between December and March.

2. Roll out the gamtae in the form of a leaf and rinse by hand with clean water.

3. Pass the gamtae under water and spread it on a frame.

4. Dry in the sun.


Gamtae is a type of sea vegetable that can only be found in pure and natural mudflats. Gamtae is a wild seaweed that cannot be raised or harvested artificially. Therefore,

the harvest of gamtae is done entirely by hand. The shape and color of each

gamtae leaf is unique.



Scallops with Gamtae Pesto

Gamtae Rolls

Omelet with Gamtae

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