"Meeting with Mr. Nam Ho-Sup at Le Delas

Director of a traditional agricultural farm located in the mountains of the Yeong Yang region in Korea, Mr. Nam Ho-sup is also carrying out research on the development of Kimchi, fermented vinegars and their health benefits, in particular for people with cancer. The generous nature sheltering his farm allows him to enjoy high quality agricultural products to prepare natural and healthy recipes.

Mr. Nam is also scientifically studying the benefits of kimchi. It shows that the consumption of fermented foods makes the probiotics of vegetables available to the body at 70% instead of 5% when they are not fermented. This is also the case for french specialities as choucroute. They are good for the digestive system and for the intestinal flora, have antiviral and antioxidant effects, and such are known for preventing many diseases."

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"The delicatessen of quality artisan products

Ambassador of K-Seafood, Misikga, literally meaning gourmet, offers products from Korean artisans with ancestral know-how. The very young brand thus stands out as a fervent defender of a gastronomy with an authentic taste valued by medias and chefs, like Pascal BARBOT, double starred chef at Astrance, and others who offer recipes on their Youtube channel : Riz & Co Cuisine. The 750g website also offers many simple and easy recipes to make with Misikga products.

This enthusiasm is explained by their naturalness and the diversity of its seafood, especially seaweed, considered a national living treasure in South Korea. “The benefits of seaweed are scientifically recognized to be rich in vitamins and nutrients. This is what explains their use in cosmetics or in natural food ”specifies Mr. Lee, its founder.

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"Discovering Korean cuisine

 I love Bibimpap and Kimchi, I can't say that I'm really familiar with Korean cuisine in all of its finer points. Since my blog creation, I tried a few experiments, always spicy and rich in flavors, such as this Korean barbecue style chicken, the young Kimchi, the bulgogi chicken or my Bibimbap à la plancha certainly not traditional but very practical!


And then a few days ago now, Luna from the very beautiful and informative blog La Table de Diogène est ronde offered me to discover products from her Country, which can now be found in France on the delicatessen Misikga website."

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"Chef Damien reveals the secrets of Korean soy sauce, a unique know-how in the world"

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